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You've got to Know It to Use It!

The plan worked! The data is in your new system and has been validated. Now what? Was the implementation of your new software really a success if your end-user don't know how to use the system? Training is key to any new software implementation as well as training for new hires and for long term users to learn new functionality within the software.

When possible, we like to keep our class sizes small (around 12 people) in order to be able to give individual attention to trainees when needed. If a larger group is required we recommend a trainer and a proctor in the room to help manage access issues and questions.

There is nothing worse then sitting in a training class and listening to a trainer teach something that you know you are NEVER going to use. We've been in those classes ourselves and that is why we tailor our training plans to meet your individual business needs. Our clients approve every training agenda prior to the session taking place so that the right people are in the room for the right session(s).

We offer training via the following methods:

  • In Person - at your offices or a training facility of your choosing
  • Via Go-To-Meeting - all sessions are broken out in to 2 hour sessions
  • Video - training on a specific topic via a video that can be distributed to your end users
  • Quick Cards - training cards broken apart by everyday software tasks