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Do You Really Need Them?

The answer is: not necessarily. During every implementation we have our clients gather up all of their currently required reports. We then compare those reports to core reports within the system. We review both the report sample provided by the client and an example of the core report(s) with the client to determine if the core report(s) will meet their needs. From their we determine the criticality of the report and if required, begin creating the report specifications and the time/cost estimate for creating the custom report.

We have had clients that have required zero custom reports all the way to clients that required 200. When switching over to a new software it's a good time to review what reports are being produced and who is "using" the reports. Many times, we have found that people are producing the reports that no one is looking at anymore because that's just what had always been produced for the past 20 years.

Creating custom reports can be both easy and hard depending on the data that is being pulled in the report.

  • Can anyone create custom reports? Yes.
  • Can they "do it on the fly"? Not really.
  • Can we teach you how? Yes.
  • Does it take time to get good at it? Yes.
  • Do we recommend having an in-house report writer? Sometimes.

Everyone wants to see their data their way and that's great! We do it to. The creation of custom reports by a third party can get costly. If you are an organization that is used to constantly creating new reports, it might pay off in the long run to have an in-house report writer. If not, we're here to help. If your organization is interested in learning more about our report writing services please feel free to give us a call at 214-505-4086 or email us at