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Software Implementation

We can customize our software implementation service to meet the needs of your organization. Some clients have chosen to have us show them how to implement the software and assist as necessary, while others have chosen to have us take the lead in the implementation with input from the client organization when required. Either option is a viable one. Give us a call to help you determine the best approach for your organization.

Data Conversion

There are many tools available to help with converting data. Getting the correct data from your old system to your new one is of the utmost importance. While the majority of our clients have chosen to have us convert their data we do have some that have chosen to take on this task themselves. We can show you how or take that burden off your plate.


Our training services are custom tailored for your organization. We work with you to create the agenda so that your users are not sitting in a training session learning something they will NEVER use. We keep our class sizes small so that your users get the individualized attention they deserve.

Project Management

Everyone wants to "jump right in". You must have a plan AND someone to manage that plan. We've gotten the "HELP" call many times from clients who have started and project that has gone nowhere and they are stalled. Nine times out of ten this is because they didn't have a plan and they didn't have someone leading the project that could get people on task and organized.

Design and Configuration

The correct configuration of your software is key to the software working successfully. We know the correct people to get in the room and the correct questions to ask of your team in order to make the configuration be sucessful. Because we've done this so many times, we have the knowledge to advise you on configuration decisions that could impact your organization down the road and to alert you to decisions that once made, cannot be changed. Additionally, we document all these decisions for you so that you can refer back to them at any time.

Custom Reports

It's true, anyone can learn how to write custom reports. However, getting really good at it takes time and practice just like anything else. If you want to learn, we'll teach you. If not, we've got some incredibly talented report writers that do amazing work.




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We're pleased to offer bookkeeping services. Have an accountant out on leave? Need some additional support while trying to fill a new or old position. Don't want the overhead associated with a full time employee? Many of our team members have accounting backgrounds and can assist with data entry, payables, accounts receivables, bank reconciliations, and financial statement preparataion as well as many other accounting functions.

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We also offer adiministrative support for clients using Yardi Systems software. Yardi Systems is constantly adding new functionality to their software. We can help you stay on top of that new functionality as well as support your end users when support questions come up.

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Managed Services

Our Managed Services program allows you to purchase a fixed number of consulting hours each month that can be used for any of the services that we offer including help desk support. Many of our clients have implemented this program for training, completion of special projects, help desk support etc.

This service gurantees our availablility each month for the number of hours purchased. Due to this guarantee, this program is only offered to a select number of clients.

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Reduced consulting rate

Since you are purchasing a set number of hours each month we offer this service at a special reduced rate.

No employee overhead

You have us for a set number of hours each month. Unlike an employee we don't have the added cost of health insurance, sick pay, vacation pay, etc.

Dedicated support

You get a dedicated support person to handle your account.

Easily manage your budget

Because you purchase a set number of hours each month, you can easily budget your support costs because there are no surprises.